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YARD SHOW #3, digital collage.


YARD SHOW is a multi-part reckoning with my personal archive. Growing from ten years' bringings of books, papers, thoughts, feeling, experience, this project looks backward to discern possibilities for future action. Treating mapping, doodling, and diagramming as fanciful wayfinding experiments, this project treats so-called dead letter as the raw material of encounter and rejuvenation.

The first phase of YARD SHOW consists a book giveaway/reactivation. Participants are free to choose a book from my personal library, to which they will offer a creative response of their choice. The project's second phase compiles and reframes diagrammatic imagery from my own archives, all of which intervene on found print material in order to bestow it with new life. All of these images have informed and/or appeared in my recent work - often under the cloak of shadow. Read the December issue of Artist, Learner for more information. To purchase apparel featuring imagery from this project, click here.

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