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the wasp project

the wasp project is an exercise in undisciplinary wayfinding. Hovering somewhere between story circle, conversation, and ceremony, the work stays orienting in and to the world (however, wherever, we find and define it). It is part of an ongoing investigation into practices for doing-self, and it asks how Afro-diasporic cosmologies help make performance happen. It seeks the wisdom of living and non-living beings alike. It won’t leave any of us alone. It explores how we be in the ever-unfolding present.

Creation of the wasp project was supported by Los Angeles Performance Practice. The performance will premiere as part of ODC's State of Play Festival (San Francisco, CA) in August 2023.

created & performed by Ajani Brannum / ​featuring music by DJ Tiga

Workshop photo documentation by Argel Rojo.

(c) 2023 Ajani Brannum.

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