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from inside the house

This audio excerpt is from a livestream of from inside the house. Click here to read the performance's opening text.

In from inside the house, two performers venture into the depths of their perceptual experiences. One speaks while the other moves. They collide, eventually, then switch places. A shadowy third looms in the empty swimming pool between them, churning up whateven lies waiting in its deep end. Inspired by classic horror films, from inside the house attempts to 'do' horror and terror in performance. It asks how a body might become a vehicle for forces larger - or at least other - than itself.

from inside the house was presented at the Undertone Series, hosted by Priyanka Ram, in August 2021. It was supported by a CalArts Research and Practice Fellowship.

created and performed by Ajani Brannum with Héctor Alvarez and Gregory Barnett / sound design by Ajani Brannum / featuring music by James Taylor and Lookout Mountain Sacred Harp Convention

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